Sales Performance Rewards

Reward Your Partners For Sales Goal Attainment

Reward partners for achieving specified sales targets over a set time period to drive attainment of your revenue goals. With the CCI Sales Performance Rewards solution, rewards aren’t earned until goals are met—allowing administrators to create programs that encourage and reward their channel partners for incremental sales attainment. Using the solution control panel, administrators can set multiple reward structures with unique sales targets by individual partner, partner type, products, geography and time period—even supplemental rewards for incremental attainment (for example, 110% of goal). The solution uses your POS data to assign rewards automatically based on the criteria chosen through a claimless process—efficiently streamlining program administration for all stakeholders.

Additionally, rewards may be stacked to allow any partner to work toward multiple goals simultaneously. Partners can benefit from combinations of tiered awards or the assignment of different rewards per product line or product type. What’s more, reward reimbursements may be paid in “cash” or rewarded as additional soft funds (Co-op/MDF) and automatically directed to their account within the CCI platform.

CCI’s Sales Performance Rewards module is ideal for assigning and managing rewards targeting partner entity (reseller company headquarter level) sales goals at the monthly, quarterly or annual level.

  • Reward partners for achieving specific sales targets during a defined time period—rewards aren’t earned unless those goals are met
  • Create multiple rewards to accommodate various partner segments, create a tiered reward structure, or vary reward goals between products
  • Use  your POS data to administer—rewards  administration is simplified using  a claimless process
  • Make best use of your marketing spend by distributing rewards via multiple fulfillment models, such as cash rebates, loyalty points, MDF funds and other “soft” incentives
  • Evaluate partner accomplishments vs. goal, forecasting and ranking to modify program on-demand