OEM MDF Module

OEM Partner Fund Management

In today’s connected business environment, OEM relationships are growing in importance, allowing companies to leverage complementary strengths. But they need structure, transparency, and accountability to thrive. Put our decades of experience enabling global OEM channel relationships to work for your company.CIMS-3-Screenshot

Managing OEM funds and go-to-market execution across company lines often proves to be more complex and costly than intended. For example:

  • Paper-based campaign management can lead to piles of form entry, administrative legwork, and delays.
  • Lack of a shared ‘system of record’ often leads to misaligned expectations and angry partners.
  • Lack of oversight can lead to misspent funds or even legal dangers for individuals and companies involved.
  • Inability to do accurate, agreed-upon forecasting and results measurement can make it difficult for teams on both sides to measure or prove their effectiveness, which can undermine trust and faith in the partnership.

CCI’s program management tools and support services help technology and manufacturing companies ensure proper financial structure, process, and measurability for OEM program success.

  • Joint go-to-market initiatives, and the money supporting them, can be managed collaboratively, in a tool that automates the processes of obtaining spend request, gaining proper approvals, running projections, reviewing and processing claims, and reporting on results.
  • Common goals, objectives, milestones, and deliverables are agreed upon and captured in advance, as well as any monetary commitment by either party.
  • Flexibility through configuration to engage each OEM partner program in unique ways that accommodate different approval flows, activities, goals and initiatives.
  • An automated approval engine proactively collects all needed reviews and approvals.
  • GAAP-audited, financial-grade software tools and payment infrastructure ensure fast and reliable payments across the globe, in whatever payment type or currency is needed.
  • Global support staff and banking network can provide optional claims management, help desk, translation, and payment services.

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