MDF Standard

Your Fastest Path to Fund Automation

Now there’s an easy way to improve the accuracy and insight from your MDF and co-op program while simultaneously reducing the administrative burden. CCI’s MDF Standard Module is the ideal solution for domestic or international programs that have less than 500 partners and don’t require multiple program funds.  While MDF Standard was designed as an affordable solution for program automation, it’s loaded with all the best-practice administrative and reporting requirements learned from CCI’s 30-year history to meet the needs of most marketers. Plus, your solution can be up and running in as little as 60 days — complete with your partner names and contacts loaded, and configured to support your program guidelines.  Once deployed, you will:

  • Lower your own administrative overhead
  • Improve reporting
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce payment errors

This means better ROI for your MDF program overall.

What’s more, MDF Standard is flexible and scalable to accommodate your needs as your program evolves. You can even choose to manage the program yourself through our self-serve model, or use CCI Program Management services to administer the program for you—including compliance auditing, user support and program payment/redemption services.

    • Quickly deployed—in as little as 60 days for most programs
    • Affordable—low cost solution that saves money over a manual process
    • Choose between self-service (software only) or full-service solution (adding auditing,  payment, and partner support)
    • Configurable to support either a discretionary or accrual-based funding model