MDF Professional

Easily Manage Joint Marketing Programs

CCI’s MDF Professional Module gives you the ability to provide your resellers with the resources necessary to successfully promote and sell your products. With this fully configurable module, you can design and deploy MDF and co-op programs that support your guidelines on a global scale with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities. End-to-end automation of prior approvals, claims, and payments gives you full visibility into marketing activities and expenditures for improved ROI — by partner, budget, product, and more. CCI administrators can also provide management of your program with comprehensive audit and reimbursement capabilities.

Our easily configurable software enables complex approval models, scalable operations, and greater insight into fund utilization, providing you with the marketing expenditure information needed to increase partner sales and loyalty with improved overall efficiency.

    • Conforms to your parameters such as budget, partners, products, activities, and objectives.
    • Flexible approval models enable you to assign and maintain approved controls throughout the process.
    • Supports a variety of funding models accommodating both accrual and discretionary programs, ensures programs are matched to sales targets.
    • Provides the data you need with real-time visibility into activity level forecasted and actual ROI.
    • Optimizes program guidelines and funds allocation.
    • Assures program compliance and expedited validation through integrated proof of performance collection and available audit services.