MDF Module

Calling it the world’s most powerful MDF platform isn’t just hype.

It’s just a hard-won reality. Tested and refined in the trenches with the world’s top global channel organizations, CCI’s MDF (market development funds) module lets you manage complex MDF and co-op programs that support your unique guidelines, partner needs, and funding models, even as they evolve from year to year. End–to-end automation of prior approvals, claims, and payments gives you full visibility to marketing activities and expenditures for improved ROI—by partner, geography, budget, product, and more. Proactively manage roll-off funds and provide automated notifications to appropriate partner and client stakeholders.

Take measurement to the next level

Detailed ROI metrics reflect your success criteria for each activity. Related reporting covers both forecasted and actual metrics and enables the review of program performance at the critical stages of funding approval and program conclusion, among others. Reporting allows you to review and compare the ROI of all approved activities, fostering best practices for program design and operations benefiting both you and your partners.

An unbeatable edge for improving the partner experience.

The integrated payment engine lets you efficiently perform partner reimbursement for all approved claims across a variety of payment vehicles (including credit memo, check, ACH, wire transfer, debit cards, and more). Each partner can manage their payment preferences within the software—including banking information, payment method, currency preferences, and routing details. This streamlines the administrative process for partner reimbursement and accelerates the remittance process for your partners—helping them better manage cash flow and maximizing program utilization.

Enable full automation and scalability:

  • Create and approve comprehensive marketing plans to provide transparency in activities, spending and goals for market development funds.
  • ROI metrics assigned to each activity allow marketers to evaluate and compare both forecasted and actual program performance.
  • Flexible approval models conform to your business rules.
  • Automated notifications streamline administration for all stakeholders.
  • Multiple fund allocation models to accommodate both accrual and discretionary programs.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency with roll-up reporting.
  • Integrated payment tool streamlines partner reimbursement processes across a variety of remittance types.
  • Used in conjunction with CCI’s Joint Marketing Planning Module, track how your MDF /co-op program investment aligns with your partners’ strategic marketing direction.

Get a closer look

Is your MDF program platform a true competitive advantage, or just a ‘check box’?

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