Incentive Module

Support Short-Term Promotions or Long-Term Programs

CCI’s Incentive Module is designed to encourage sales at the most influential point of decision—the transaction between the sales person and the customer. The software can accommodate a variety of channel sales incentives mechanisms, including cash awards (ACH, wire transfers, checks, and bank drafts), debit cards, points, travel and merchandise—even soft funds. Designed to support both short-term tactical promotions and long-term loyalty programs, CCI’s Incentive Module follows and tracks your program guidelines, including eligibility criteria and reward methods.

Incentives-Screenshots-CollageRebates with purchase directed to end-users/consumers or SPIF programs rewarding sales reps can be quickly deployed to achieve short-term sales goals. The flexible claim form captures the information required to provide details of the transaction and to accommodate proof-of-performance documents via direct upload. In addition, the claim approval process can be quickly configured to conform to your business rules.

Managing long-term loyalty programs to channel partners is facilitated through a number of key features, including a pre-registration process to collect insight about the applicant in advance of participation. The profile information captured therein may be used to tailor rewardable activities to their job function, partner segment, or geography as needed. CCI’s flexible price book allows administrators to quickly modify rewards values and activities as the program evolves, accommodating rewards for both “soft” activities (such as  completing training and certification requirements) as well as for “hard” sales transactions. The CCI module is an ideal platform to support complex, multi-tiered channels by providing the appropriate incentive and reward structures most relevant to the varying needs of program participants.

As with all CCI software products, the Incentive Module can be accompanied by program management services that include program design, compliance auditing, and reward fulfillment.

    • Quickly deploy SPIF programs or end-user rebates.
    • Accommodates multiple reward types including cash, soft funds, stored value cards, or travel and merchandise.
    • End-to-end solution support includes program design, compliance auditing, and reward remittance services.
    • Optional registration feature allow you to structure programs to approve participants in advance, with the ability to capture key profile information.
    • Online capture of proof-of-performance documentation facilitates collection and tracking of receipts and other relevant material.
    • Embed all forms and reports within your extranet for a seamless user experience.
    • Management of multiple reward values is simplified using CCI’s price book—by date, reward currency, user role, geography, product, or partner segment.

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