Joint Marketing Planning Module

Coordinate, Measure & Accelerate Channel Partner Marketing

The joint planning and marketing process is an intricate dance performed by multiple people, in multiple departments, in multiple companies. If you don’t have the tools to coordinate and measure it, it’s very hard to spot the weak points and inefficiencies, let alone fix them.

CCI’s Joint Marketing Planning (JMP) Module is an overlay to our core MDF and co-op tools that automates the joint marketing planning process, dramatically increasing the efficiency and visibility of your partner investment process. Partners can easily submit detailed campaign proposals that are automatically shepherded through team review, approval, claims, and payment, with proactive communications that guide everyone along the way. Each channel partner marketing campaign and claim is tagged for powerful measurability throughout the enablement and sales process.

The JMP Module is about outcomes

Ensure Accountability: Progress dashboards and team to-do lists get everyone on the same page and make it clear where your bottlenecks are in the process, so you can attack and improve them.

Boost Engagement: Ensures everyone involved in MDF-supported programs is sufficiently engaged in the process, on the partner side and on your side: PMMs, CAMs/PAMs, operations, and sales and marketing leadership.

Drive Efficiency: By keeping your partners and team members on task, Planner can slash the amount of time required to plan, execute, and measure partner marketing campaigns, transforming your time-to-revenue performance.

Measure ROI: Continually evolve your program by understanding more clearly which partnerships, and marketing approaches, are working… and which are wasted investment.

Fully Utilize Partner Funds: Automatically guide partners through the joint planning process and alert their team, and yours, when funds are at risk of expiring.

Minimize Financial Risk: With the current shift to more proactive discretionary funding models, Planner ensures more informed decisions about what to fund and what not to.

As a collaborative tool within channel marketing teams and externally with partners, Planner provides a forum for getting a complete picture of marketing activities prior to funding, then provides a framework to track performance throughout each plan’s lifecycle. It enables measurement of forecasted goals and actual results—including both activity costs and business outcomes. Marketers benefit from a forward view of all planned activities early in the process, a greater understanding of their effectiveness upon conclusion, and deeper insight into their partners’ long-term marketing strategies along with how their products align with those strategies.

The Joint Marketing Planning Module is used in conjunction with CCI’s MDF Module to streamline the end-to-end planning and management process—including claim processing and partner reimbursement for all approved activities.

    • End-to-end automation of prior approvals, claims, and payments.
    • Compare estimated costs to actual expenses as they happen, enabling adjustments to plan and spend as needed.
    • Evaluate forecasted vs. actual performance for both activity results and business outcomes that, when combined with program costs, present channel marketers with a comprehensive view of campaign success over time.
    • Submit claims for MDF/co-op reimbursement directly from the plan to simplify administration

Are your joint partner planning processes effective and efficient? Or are they too unstructured to even know? Bring the joint planning process into the light with CCI’s Joint Marketing Planning Module.

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