On-Demand Software

Manage Multiple Programs on a Single Platform

CCI offers a multi-tier incentive management solution designed to optimize your incentive strategy throughout the demand chain. Whether supporting one or multiple programs, CCI solutions are configured to address the unique communication and financial controls required by an organization, while maximizing ROI and efficiencies.

Deployed on a single SaaS platform to easily support add-on functionality and enable operation of multiple incentive and opportunity programs concurrently, the solution quickly scales to meet your evolving needs.

Tailored to your business requirements, CCI’s software platform provides the following benefits:

    • Automated workflows and communications eliminate manual processes that often overwhelm program administration
    • Conforms to your business rules and processes via configurable approvals, roles and relationships
    • Brand consistency through customized interface and menus
    • Improved management insights for effective decision making using data captured from multiple programs and process points
    • Integrated reporting to measure, compare and optimize program performance for improved ROI
    • Financial controls and best practices are enforced, enabling the client to determine how best to spend discretionary funds
    • Comprehensive fund and remittance management across all programs
    • Integration with partner extranets, corporate intranets and client enterprise applications allows for ease of use, data exchange, increased usability, and comprehensive reporting

Even with extensive configurability and robust business functionality, CCI solutions are quickly deployed using best practices in both implementation methodology and channel program design.