Global Payments

A Multi-Currency Solution That’s Right for Your Program

The global village is a reality. Marketers everywhere are expanding their channel network and programs to take advantage of the global marketplace. The adage is true: “Think globally, act locally.” When administering a worldwide program, marketers and resellers benefit from the greatest efficiency when leveraging a centralized infrastructure that honors the service and flexibility inherent in a localized program.

CCI delivers the best of both worlds, providing channel solutions that meet your worldwide needs and serve your international partner base. From multi-currency and multi-lingual software to payment processing in any desired currency, CCI ensures consistent, accurate, and timely global channel partner payments and operations.

The complexities of designing a global channel partner payment process can be cumbersome: Are remittances calculated from a single-base currency into local currency? Are remittances earned and paid in local currency but are ultimately rolled up to one or more currencies? If there are variances involved in the “net” payment amount due to exchange rates, who is responsible for the differences—the marketer or the channel partner? There is no single right answer to all these considerations, and CCI has the experience to design a multi-currency solution that’s right for you, your channel partners, and your program objectives.

    • Payment services span 264 countries/territories and 150 currencies
    • Partner manages their own reimbursement preferences
    • Banking information securely stored on CCI platform
    • Advance automated account validation
    • Roll-up reporting to keep currency relevant to the user
    • Daily currency conversion keeps exchange rates accurate for outstanding activities, then “freezes” rate upon payment

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