Program Administration

Program & Partner Support to Streamline Operations and Expedite Fulfillment

CCI simplifies the challenges and time commitments of channel partner management by managing your program for you. Our scalable software, designed in accordance with your program needs and business rules, ensures operational efficiencies and fosters optimal program performance. Clients outsource their back office operations to CCI so they can free up their own resources to focus on other strategic parts of the business.

Site Administration

CCI personnel perform ongoing maintenance of your program configuration, business processes, and rules in support of your program and related software use. Ongoing maintenance may include the following:

    • Load and edit program parameters
    • Modify approval processes
    • Manage products
    • Manage/reassign users
    • Modify email notifications
    • Add funds
    • Add, roll-off, and expire funds
    • Maintain partners and related organizational hierarchies

Claim Administration

CCI performs claim administration and auditing of incentive program prior approvals and claims to ensure they are in compliance with program guidelines. Our expedited handling ensures partner transactional activity moves forward at a rapid pace.

    • Audit
    • Manage deny claims, letters
    • Manage/hold claims, letters, follow-up
    • Perform quality assurance on all audits
    • Store and ship back-up documentation
    • Manage funds
    • Load accruals
    • Expire transactions
    • Roll-off funds

Payment and Remittance Services

CCI performs payment and reimbursement services on a global scale. CCI currently reimburses or manages in excess of $1B in partner rewards and reimbursements annually. Whether you are reimbursing your partner companies for MDF activities or rewarding individual sales representatives through incentive program participation, CCI facilitates your payment and reimbursement requirements through our world-wide network. Outsourcing payment and remittance administrative services to CCI alleviates the demands on your workforce and provides operational efficiency. Prompt payment turnaround helps your partners manage their cash flow. Services include, though are not limited to, the following:

    • Payment to 264 countries and in 150 currencies
    • ACH, checks, wire transfer, bank draft, credit memo
    • Reloadable debit or stored value cards
    • Travel and/or merchandise awards
    • 1099 administration

Contact Center

CCI provides dedicated contact center resources for use by client and partner personnel, ensuring reliable, timely, and consistent communication. Delivering phone, online, and email support to your partners gives them the assistance they need to understand your program, thereby driving satisfaction, adoption, utilization, and loyalty. As with any outsourced service, you further benefit from lower cost, increased coverage, and reduced interruptions.

For more information, take a look at our software tools and global payment services, or explore our rich Channel Wisdom library of channel management guides and best practices resources.