Expert Guidance

Best Practice Expertise to Design & Optimize Your Programs

Expert guidance delivered by CCI leverages over 30 years of channel marketing best practices to design and optimize your program. Domestic or global, our domain expertise improves your channel program strategies, program delivery, and ongoing program evaluation and evolution. Whether launching a short-term promotion or a long-term program, CCI’s team is with you every step of the way. From design and launch to performance analysis and tuning, our channel professionals are committed to establishing and nurturing efficient and effective programs that achieve your overall business objectives.

Program Design

CCI works with you to define goals and supporting business requirements and recommends the architecture and administrative process that steers partners towards attaining your shared goals. A well-designed channel program is essential to partner engagement and gaining mind share. Specific activities include:

    • Research across key stakeholders, uncovering insights that promote program success.
    • Team facilitation to determine clear program objectives that align with corporate, partner, and customer needs.
    • Definition of business requirements and reporting needs.
    • Mapping of your business processes to a software and service platform that enforces them.

Program Deployment

Best-in-class design can translate into ineffective deployment without partner acceptance and thorough program understanding across all stakeholders. CCI recognizes that your partners have a vested interest in program success so the program design is focused on ease of understanding and use. In turn, a partner’s visibility to you is increased. CCI supports your deployment in the following areas:

    • Communication strategy and related marketing materials to create awareness and generate momentum.
    • Role-specific training to drive high user adoption rates.
    • Support tools—from interactive tutorials to case studies and “how to” kits—that drive highest ROI activities and ongoing engagement.

Program Evolution

Throughout its lifecycle, CCI works with you to continuously refine your program for improved performance and stronger ROI. On a recurring basis, CCI measures and optimizes your program in the following ways:

    • Analyze activity and results relative to goals.
    • Formal reviews with reporting for senior-level sponsors and key partners.
    • User surveys to capture perceived value and areas for improvement.
    • Benchmarking and research of comparative programs.

Regardless of where you are in your program lifecycle, CCI experts will partner with you to create and evolve programs that enable you to meet and exceed your channel goals. To learn more, take a look at our software tools or explore our rich Channel Wisdom library of channel management guides and best practices resources.