Follow-the-Sun Support

We specialize in turning our customers into world leaders in channel operational efficiency.

Over the course of more than three decades, CCI has been refining our team’s ability to take on the complex administrative, financial, and payment support load for the world’s most innovative channel incentive programs – better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than they can themselves.

There is simply no company in the world with the capability and staff to provide channel management services better; we turn our customers into world leaders in channel operational efficiency and partner engagement.

From support offices in the Americas and EMEA, our highly trained support and services team provides:

  • Global software support and training
  • Claims management and processing
  • Global payments, supported by a GAAP-audited financial infrastructure and payment network
  • Currency conversion
  • Language translation
  • Expertise in navigating, and working within, country-to-country financial laws and regulations

Additionally, by adopting the CCI software platform, clients gain the operational structure, financial capacity, and team workflows that they would otherwise pay millions in consulting fees to design, implement and staff on their own. We regularly hear from clients that by working with CCI’s software and services, they gained the organizational processes and best practices that would have otherwise cost several multiples of what CCI costs to plan and staff themselves.

Working with the world’s top technology leaders every day constantly pushes us to reexamine our understanding of how best to make the job of running a highly complex, global channel easier, more impactful, and more efficient.

We encourage you to explore our guides on channel operational and financial best practices, or contact a CCI representative to learn more.