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Optimize Channel Incentive Performance

Most channel programs are a series of carrot-and-stick propositions, designed to encourage specific behaviors from your channel partners. Today’s complex global channels require multiple incentive programs to encourage impactful sales and marketing activity from partners of varying types, geography, and roles. The resulting myriad of programs offered by marketers often requires multiple systems and processes to manage, increased resources to administer, and returns little insight when it comes to assessing the effectiveness of any one program against its objectives. That’s where CCI can help.

Program Administration

CCI simplifies the challenges and time commitments of channel program management by doing it for you. Clients outsource their back office operations to CCI so they can free up their own resources to focus on other strategic parts of the business.

Global Payments

CCI meets your worldwide needs by serving your international partner base more efficiently. From multi-currency and multi-lingual software to payment processing in any desired currency, CCI ensures consistent, accurate, and timely global program operations.

Follow-the-Sun Support

From Singapore to London to the U.S., CCI provides support to both clients and partner personnel. Whether you choose phone, email, or a live chat, our staff is there for you when you need us.

Expert Guidance

Domestic or global, our domain expertise improves your channel program strategies, program delivery, and ongoing program evaluation and evolution.