Next Gen Incentive Management

Powerful SPIF & Rebate programs just got easy…

Happy_Businessman300px…really easy!

Incentives are on the rise, vendors need to motivate their partners like never before. And not just reward for sales, but motivate and reward the changes in behavior that drive future success and boost incremental sales. The industry has been looking for a powerful yet flexible and simple platform to use for partners and admins alike that allows them to do exactly that.

A Platform that Fits Your Needs

One day it’s a value-based rebate, the next day it could be a SPIF to reward engagement in a marketing concierge portal. Today the reward is a points-based system, next month it’s a shopping mall experience, the following month it could be a reloadable debit card or all three.


CCI is excited to introduce the next generation wizard-driven incentive module that does all of this and more!

The improved module is easy to set up & manage, and is a snap for your partners to use. And our great team, as always, is there to automate all global payments, claims, translations, points, reward options, and currency complexity for you.


CCI is ready with all the features and back-office support you need.

    • Quick to market…create and launch a campaign in less than 24 hours.
    • Simple to use…intuitive navigation increases fun and engagement with your programs.
    • Highly configurable…fits your unique work flows, branding, and reward structures.
    • Easily scalable…run one or many global programs at once.
    • Virtually unlimited rewards options…reloadable debit cards, brand-name merchandise, electronics, gift cards, travel, and more.