Telecom Industry

Opportunities Abound in Telecom

It’s an exciting time for the cable and wireless players; your expertise in recurring revenue models presents great opportunity to expand your partner ecosystem and take advantage of the explosion in cloud technologies.

But where to start? The technologies you choose to manage that growth will have a large impact on your success or failure. When looking for telecom industry channel sales solutions be sure to ask:

  • Can the platform handle a wide variety of complex SPIF, rebate, MDF, and rewards programs?
  • Can it enable referral and lead management programs involving a mix of agents, VARs, IT consultants, MSPs, and ‘born-in-the cloud’ partners?
  • Does the solution enable simple, robust joint planning with partners, woven into your accounting and payments processes, that gives your team full visibility to partner-by-partner plans and lets you forecast and measure the short- and long-term impact of campaigns?
  • Does it leverage 30 years of experience enabling the channel success of global technology leaders in voice, hardware, software, data, virtualization, and cloud apps?
  • Can the solution integrate, and scale, seamlessly with your complementary CRM, ERP, and PRM systems?
  • And can you quickly adjust the solution as needed, or do you need to bring in an expensive third party integrator to make iterative changes from year to year?

The answers to these questions will be crucial to your success, so be sure to do your homework and choose wisely.

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