Software Industry

Capture Partner Mindshare

This is a time of great change in the software industry. The move to the cloud is transforming the channel sales incentives for software revenue model, and along with it, the way you must engage with and motivate partners. With this trend, the role of the channel partner is quickly transforming, making it more important than ever to focus your time and budget on the right partners, fund the right kinds of sales and marketing plans, and incentivize the right kinds of partner behaviors, beyond just rewarding on past revenue totals.

And in parallel, competition for channel partner mindshare is at an all-time high, driving a huge need for simple but rewarding partner experiences that make it easy for them to grow their business with you. Managing partner investment programs like MDF, co-op, SPIFs, rebates, and other incentives in a glorified CRM system or on disjointed spreadsheets is a recipe for overwhelmed staff, low partner engagement, long sales cycles, and ultimately, limited revenue growth.

CCI gives many of the top software and virtualization companies in the world the operational infrastructure and workflows to transform their global channel programs from a ‘check the box’ initiative to a key corporate advantage in the new marketplace.

Whether we’re providing tools to ensure effective joint planning, transforming claim and payment efficiency, reducing the need to hire additional finance or administrative staff, or simply helping you outperform your competitors on partner engagement, CCI’s software tools and expert administrative services let your team:

  • Simplify their jobs and spend less of their time on administrative tasks.
  • Spend more of their time on value-add activities.
  • Accurately capture, share, and interpret all the key success metrics.
  • Make better, more informed decisions every day.
  • And ultimately, grow your global channel revenue and corporate market share.

To learn more, take a look at our software tools and administrative services, or explore our rich Channel Wisdom library of channel management guides and best practices resources.