Technology Hardware Industry

Accomplish a lot more, for a lot less.

In many ways, indirect channels have never been more important for technology hardware and device manufacturers. Continual innovation, increasing competition, and the complexity of distribution channels has increased the need for tight partner engagement and assumes that you have a wide arsenal of partner funding, rewards, and rebate capabilities that can work in tandem. Whether you succeed or fail will largely be determined by how well you invest your limited channel budget.

As the stakes become higher and funded headcount decreases, top global manufacturers are increasingly turning to CCI for powerful program tools that let them scale their technology hardware channel sales operations globally while increasing partner revenue and minimizing the need for team expansion and expensive custom solutions.

  • Give your team the flexibility to easily plan, fund, manage, and measure programs through discretionary funds (MDF/BDF), accrual funds (co-op), rewards (SPIFs, rebates), or a hybrid of the three, all on the same platform.
  • Give partners simple, intuitive tools that guide them through your funding and joint marketing processes.
  • Maximize channel engagement revenue driven increasingly by recurring revenue and subscription models.
  • Strengthen, track, and measure joint OEM engagements and bundled offerings.
  • Reign in the complexity of engaging with a multi-currency, multi-national, multi-channel partner ecosystem.
  • The channel changes and evolves each year. Easily configure your program on a yearly basis to stay ahead of market trends and keep professional services costs low.
  • Concerned about the administrative costs of staffing a global claims and payment program? Top global companies regularly find that CCI’s channel support team can handle them more effectively, efficiently, and inexpensively than they ever could.
  • Easily integrate the CCI system with your various software systems and data sources: ERP, CRM, Deal Registration, Training, Marketing automation, and more.

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