CCI Values

We are very pleased that you are interested in joining the CCI team!

At CCI, we strive to maintain a safe, harmonious, and productive work environment. We promote teamwork and collaboration, and encourage employees to share their ideas for improving our workplace processes and policies. We hold employees to a high behavioral standard, and consider behavior and performance equal in importance for success at CCI. We maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with clients, co-workers, and management.

Core Values

CCI will achieve results with a focus on enhancing the success of our clients, partners, and employees through excellence in customer service and solutions. We make decisions as a company, and as individuals, based on our core values.

Customer Focus:

We respect our customers above all else and never forget that they come to us by choice. We are dedicated to honoring commitments that we have made to them, and strive to exceed their expectations.


We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth. We act in the best interests of our co-workers and clients.


We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.


We have a passion for our products and processes, and seek the innovations and ideas that make them better. We anticipate market trends and move quickly to embrace them.


We strive to help and improve the community where we work and live. We strive to maintain a healthy work and life balance for our workers.