SiriusDecisions Brief

Partner Assessment Process Deep Dive

Participants and Execution

SiriusDecisions Brief ImageThere is a delicate balancing act being played these days by technology vendors: keep revenue streams flowing with traditional partners while fostering ‘next generation’ reselling and agent approaches that better align with tomorrow’s tech landscape. These require a different set of skills and team structure.

While many partners are slowly evolving, many more simply won’t make the leap. How do we best identify our top partners of the future? The answer is a little different for each company, but there is a consistent set of metrics that top vendors are looking at these days to ensure long-term success.

CCI is excited to provide you with special access to this SiriusDecisions research brief that provides insights into:

  • A systematic method for identifying high-potential new partners or evaluating existing partners
  • Assessing partners holistically by gathering data and insight from individuals who match key persona profiles
  • Continually updating partner information instead of relying exclusively on historical assessment results