December 2013 Feature

2013: The Year of Realized Potential in the Channel

by Debra Delaney, CEO, CCI

Cloud ComputingAs we draw closer to the end of 2013, it seemed appropriate to compile some of our most compelling content for a year-in-review issue.

From my perspective, 2013 has been a year of dramatic changes in the channel. One of the largest has been the switch to selling cloud solutions versus a shrink-wrapped product. While this change has been talked about for several years, this year it really impacted many of us in the channel. We have worked with many of our clients to help them through this challenging process. For starters, take a second look at the article from VMware’s Toni Adams or our blog on The Rule of 78s for the Channel. There is also a link to a great BrightTalk webcast, Intersection of the Channel and the Cloud.

We have also seen a significant upsurge in mobile traffic to our website and to our clients’ partner portals. While the growth this year has been substantial, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. 2014 will show even more change as mobile devices continue to expand their functionality. See the Mark Chellis article on Enterprise Mobility and the Channel for more on this subject.

And finally, 2013 has seen a substantial upswing in the use of SPIFs and rebates. This is not a big surprise to me given the impact it can have on growing market share. Many of our clients and prospects see the use of these incentives growing more in 2014. Check out the link to the BrightTalk webinar on that topic, Resurgence of SPIFs and Rebates in Global Channels.

Please read on to explore our list of top articles, blogs, and webinars from 2013.

Channel Management Insights Feature Articles

Incentivizing Partners and Customers to Adopt the Cloud in 2013

The Cloud is generating much discussion and skepticism and the term is rolled out as if everyone fully understands it, from the end user, to the channel, to each vendor. There remains, however, confusion as to what it really means, where the different offerings (SaaS, PaaS, Iaas, Private Cloud, Public Cloud) fit, and when and where to utilize them. Do all the people involved understand clearly? Ian Moyse, sales director at, provides an understandable approach.

Collaboration Beyond the Enterprise

To learn how to evolve PRM programs to take advantage of top trends like social networking and social media, and improve the way enterprise works together with the indirect channel, Channel Management Insights turned to Mike Morgan, Relayware’s chief executive officer, for answers.

Deal Registration Done Right

Rolling out a global deal registration program can be a daunting project. The more products and partners you have often complicate matters when the goals of the program are to simplify and gain visibility into the sales pipeline. CCI sat down with Bill Griffin, vice president of worldwide channel sales for Autodesk, to learn how they engaged partners and internal stakeholders to design and implement a deal registration program where 99.99% of all deals are registered. How’s that for success?!

Designing Channel Success: Lessons From a Channel Technology Leader

One of the prime differentiators among companies vying for channel partners is ease of use of partner tools. According to Ron Benegbi, companies would do well to look outside their own walls when designing these applications. And he should know. As founder and CEO of Accolade International, Benegbi put a great deal of effort into making sure the rewards recognition incentive program applications Accolade developed could be used by even the most novice sales people.

Enterprise Mobility and the Channel

Mark Chellis has spent his entire career in technology—mobility, mobility solutions, and the indirect channel in particular. Among his many senior marketing positions, he has served as Global Lead for Alliances Marketing at Infosys, Director of Motorola Solution Inc.’s Alliance and vice president of marketing & ecommerce at Smith International. Chellis offers insights into the changes vendors and partners alike must make to thrive as the demand for mobile solutions goes exponential.

Wanted: Skilled Guides to Lead Companies to the Cloud

What virtualization expert Toni Adams calls, “a shift of tectonic proportions,” may send shudders of fear through the IT professional community. But it represents, he says, one of the most exciting business opportunities channel partners have had in a long time.

Seven Vendor Trends Emerge to Help Partners

Diane Krakora, founder and CEO of PartnerPath, shared seven emerging trends as vendors search for new ways to support partners in a changing market.

The Evolving Role of Distributors in the Channel Space

When CCI wanted to get some perspective on the changing role of distributors, it seemed only natural to reach out to Peter Koliopoulos. Koliopoulos is a vice president of North America marketing for the enterprise computing solutions segment of Arrow Electronics, a $20 billion-plus distributor that has distinguished itself in part through its industry-leading understanding of the channel, customer needs, and the use of big data.

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