Deal Registration Case Study

Increased Program Revenue for Large Subscription Software Company

This company turned to CCI as a trusted and objective third-party to design a plan to solve their challenges and achieve their goal to gain early momentum and meet the annual sales expectation. With CCI on board, the company leveraged CCI’s 3+ decades of combined channel consulting expertise. The solution entailed a six-week professional services engagement as well as the customization and configuration of CCI’s deal registration SaaS solution.


The client’s business was impacted in the following ways:

  • Incorporate new high-end high-margin product line
  • Lead “land lording” and channel conflict
  • Complex partner program obstructing deal flow

CCI Solution Mix

    • Six weeks professional services engagement
    • Configure and customize CCI’s deal registration SaaS solution


    • 78% increase in revenue from registered deals in the program
    • 74% decrease in “land-lording” behavior
    • 48% increase in average deal size
    • 27% increase in registered deals
    • Improved pipeline visibility—approximately 95% of all solutions are registered in advance
    • Significant increase in operating efficiency