Channel Champion Blog

by Chris Becwar

social-media-handUnless you’ve been under a rock the last couple of years, it’s clear that sales and marketing is going social in a big way. But with all the promise it holds, the space is still evolving, and ROI is still being proven out. A lot of sales and marketing leaders are taking their lumps from the CEO these days for not being able to effectively scale their social programs or demonstrate hard ROI… and the ‘everybody else is doing it’ mentality just doesn’t fly anymore with the CFO.

While the power of social media has been proving itself out for products like Coke and the return of the Twinkie, the hardware, software, and telco companies are still playing catch-up in tapping its potential, especially in the channel. But some truly visionary companies are stepping up and pointing the way forward for social B2B. Companies like Lithium and Bunchball are obvious examples, and in the channel, companies like PureChannelApps are picking up steam with major clients. They’ve worked out a very slick, manageable way to scale a social strategy through a large network of resellers.

This Thursday, July 11, Cristina Salmastlian  from Palo Alto Networks’ channel team will be speaking on BrightTalk about how social channel tools are playing a big part in fueling that company’s amazing growth over the last few years. They’re helping her team leverage their channel partners to amplify their message and generate partner and customer engagement. Should be interesting.