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As I look at the schedule of upcoming channel industry events I am suddenly taken back to the late 70s and my favorite band The Clash, belting out “Should I Stay or Should I Go” from their classic album, Combat Rock. (If I have to explain what an album is you may not get the reference immediately, therefore I’ve included

Watching The Avengers with my kids for the fourth time last week (yes fourth), the premise of that movie was still intriguing to me; it’s exciting to watch that highly competitive, individualist group come together to create such a glorious synergy. For those unaware of Hollywood’s most recent attempt to turn a comic book series into a blockbuster move saga,

Relationships are tricky; all we have to do is look at today’s divorce rate to know we are in murky waters if we are depending on that relationship for success. Add technology and few long-term commitments and you get vendor/partner relationships in the channel today. While vendors and partners are mutually dependent on each other, in the majority of cases

ASAP is an acronym, of course, but in this case stands for “Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals”. ASAPs global summit (Mastering the Art and Science of Alliance) was held January 31st to February 3rd in Atlanta–although there are countless local chapters around the world that hold meetings on a more regular schedule. Its membership hales mostly in the technology or