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I had a chance the other day to continue an ongoing conversation with Richard Flynn, a principal at The Spur Group. The conversation centered on the ever-vexing issue of how to find the right partners, measure their value, and motivate them to change behaviors to be more productive. Simple stuff–yes! While everyone agrees on the importance of this challenge, Richard,

by Chris Becwar In case you missed the buzz, I’d like to point out some very interesting channel best practices events worth taking a look at… I’ve mentioned here before that the CCI team are unabashed fans of what PureChannelApps is doing to help leading tech players enable social marketing for their VARs with the SocialOnDemand platform. They’ve got an

It is hard to have any discussion today without the term “Cloud Computing” popping up. It affects almost every area of a vendor’s go-to-market strategy. Everything from how vendors view partner enablement, scorecard partners, price products and services, even how to compensate their own sales forces. So when we find something interesting on this topic we like to share it.

by Braham Shnider, Channel Enablers Why is that much of the real selling to partners, whether it’s transitioning to the cloud or expanding the product portfolio, is done by the vendor management team? Shouldn’t this be the role of the PAM/CAM? I can recall many conversations with channel SVPs, VPs, and even senior directors who expressed their frustration that the

CCI has built a business on managing the relationship between a vendor, their channel incentives, and their channel partner. Over time, I have often wondered what creates a good partnership – what makes one work and another fail. I consulted some expert resources available from my Vistage membership, and what I learned is that, although it is not rocket science,

Relationships are tricky; all we have to do is look at today’s divorce rate to know we are in murky waters if we are depending on that relationship for success. Add technology and few long-term commitments and you get vendor/partner relationships in the channel today. While vendors and partners are mutually dependent on each other, in the majority of cases

Lately we have been getting a lot of requests that address topics like: “how do I evaluate partner performance?” and, “what is included in a partner scorecard?” These questions are closely related. Of primary importance is the first, because once you have identified that—the scorecard is just the conduit for providing the metrics. I have written a number of blog

Partner scorecards are a way to measure (and evaluate) channel effectiveness. For this purpose, we defined “Partner Scorecards” as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your individual channel partners. Over the last few years, we have seen a lot of trends in channel marketing. Based purely on a recent channel marketing conference Channel Focus North America, Partner Scorecards are