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It’s Time to Expect More A funny thing happened on the way to maximizing the value of our MDF and Incentive Platform. We started to realize that there were a lot of folks with different ideas of what SaaS is, and the benefits that be gained from a SaaS platform. Technically the definition of SaaS is simple: “any software application

I attended the Channel Visionaries Cloud Conference is San Francisco this week. Lots of great speakers and content that covered a wide breath of cloud issues. There was volumes on the buyer’s journey, the value of digital marketing and how to build and implement processes that allow vendors to help their partners catch up to the expectations of today’s buyer’s.

Driving the Right Kind of Business in the Right Way In my last blog post (Are Vendors Recognizing the Value of SMB-Sized Partners?), I noted that it wasn’t that long ago when larger vendors began taking notice of the SMB market. It has taken time since then for these vendors to create the infrastructure they would need to be successful

SMBs Promise Powerful New Revenue Streams: If Large Vendors Know How to Tap Them People have often asked me about the graphic below, which I created about two years ago. At that time, I was interested in finding out what some of the largest tech companies were thinking about in terms of their channel programs. As part of my research,

by Peter Hornberger CCI recently created a new eBook that describes our Partner Investment Lifecyle, a model that breaks down the typical vendor/partner engagement into nine discrete steps. As we were reviewing the finished contents of the eBook, we were reminded just how much our perspective on incentives has changed over the years. Incentives Are No Longer Just About Sales

by Chris Becwar In recent years, as the competition for partner engagement has increased, more channel leaders have been realizing that they have not been listening close enough to the real needs of their partners beyond typical margin and channel conflict discussions. Vendors are realizing that if their channel investments don’t focus on shaping their partners pre-sales habits and ‘teaching

What cropped up most often at Baptie & Company’s Channel Focus event in Miami last month, in almost every session, was the challenge of transforming channel partner communities to support the sale of cloud-based solutions. There were numerous sessions discussing how a vendor can help partners migrate to a model that’s so heavily focused on recurring revenues. I speak to vendors

by Peter Hornberger Motivating channel salespeople can be a tricky practice. You need the buy-in from key stakeholders at your partner (sales managers, executives, etc), who likely want the money for their business or for themselves. But rewarding salespeople is proven to drive results. So how can you effectively motive channel salespersons without enraging your partners themselves? Here are a

by Tamra Muir One thing we can all agree on is that certain ‘hunting behaviors’ have their place in the channel and should be appropriately rewarded. A well-designed deal registration program with a system that partners find ‘user-friendly’ can be a valuable tool to properly motivate the hunters in your channel ecosystem and provide tremendous visibility and insight into the