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Global PartnersCreating partner programs that entice the channel with cash incentives without taking into consideration the complexities of the back-end payment processing can delay payments or worse. Avoid the drama of soured partnerships by including your accounting staff in the design and roll-out of your global partner programs. Chances are, with their insight and expertise, they will spare you any operational headaches that may occur while processing partner payments.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when you’re designing global programs that require processing cash incentives to partners.

  1. You must ensure compliance with State and Federal foreign currency controls which include Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) restrictions and compliance with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) guidelines.
  2. OFAC restrictions are based on US sanctions, drug trafficking, and terrorist activities.
    • The US Patriot Act increased payment restrictions
    • The list of restricted countries can change at any time because of the volatility of governments and the global economy
  3. Know what banking details are necessary for each country and region.  The number of countries requiring international bank account numbers (IBANs) is increasing, which will help standardize the international banking system.
  4. Other examples of country/region-specific information:
    • Sort codes – UK
    • Transit codes – Canada
    • Clabe – Mexico
    • SWIFT/BIC – various countries
  5. Even when you do have the correct recipient information, payments to partners can be returned or delayed due to missing or incorrect intermediary bank details or if you do not have the exact name on the account.
  6. Some countries that are not on the OFAC restricted list may require additional information or documentation such as:
    • Reason for payment
    • Agency code
    • Copy of invoice and/or contract
    • Business owner’s name and phone number (some require owner to personally sign the approval of payment)

OFAC’s current list of blocked countries:

Country Currency Symbol
Belarus Ruble BYR
Burma (Myanmar) Kyat MMK
Cote d’Ivoire Franc XOF
Cuba Peso CUP
Democratic Republic of Congo Franc CFA
Iran Rial IRR
Iraq Dinar IQD
Libya Dinar LYD
North Korea Won KPW
Somalia Shilling SOS
Sudan Dinar/Pound SDD/SDG
Syria Pound SYP


The ability to effectively deliver payments for global programs is based on a thorough understanding of international relationships and restrictions which, in some cases, are constantly changing. By including someone from operations as part of your global partner program design team you will avoid some of the common pitfalls related to global payments.



Susan Crellin,  Director of Finance & Administration at CCI    

Susan Crellin PictureSusan is responsible for directing all financial, contractual and administrative efforts for CCI, and for all CCI client accounts. Susan brings over 20 years of accounting experience to CCI. Prior to joining to CCI, Susan held financial positions for a variety of companies, including Daikin U.S. (now Sonic Solutions) where she was the Controller for four years. In addition, her credentials include running her own accounting services business. Susan’s mastery of the key financial elements of channel sales and marketing programs makes her the ideal Director of Finance & Administration at CCI.