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To follow up on my previous blog,  Are You Paying Too Much for International Partner Payments?, I’d like to dive deeper into some of the issues you need be aware of to successfully manage international partner payments. Once you have chosen your payment method, you need to put systems in place that will enable you to stay on top of constantly changing

As trade continues to expand across the globe, so does the need for vendors to put in place partner-payment methods that are fast and efficient, and that comply with an ever-changing body of international exchange rates, rules, and regulations. Vendors must decide what payment method to use, and how to get help navigating the twists and turns that make payments

by Scott Lincoln If you ask almost any executive with global channel management responsibilities if their company is partner-centric, they will say ‘yes.’ In fact, they will often say it is their number one responsibility to make their channel programs partner centric. The question is what does partner-centric mean to them? Here at CCI, we believe creating partner-centric channel programs

by Jennifer Solomon Looking to expand internationally in 2013? Channel partners can be a great sales vehicle when expanding into new markets, since they are more knowledgeable about their territory. When looking for international channel partners there are several considerations. First of all, is your company prepared to support these partners with knowledgeable internal personnel and thorough material? Does your

Creating partner programs that entice the channel with cash incentives without taking into consideration the complexities of the back-end payment processing can delay payments or worse. Avoid the drama of soured partnerships by including your accounting staff in the design and roll-out of your global partner programs. Chances are, with their insight and expertise, they will spare you any operational

Local Solutions to a Global Environment: The Key Differentiator When Doing Business in Latin America While the US is slowly making its way out of a recession and Europe is trying to avoid the unraveling of the Euro zone, things in Latin America are looking a lot more rosy for B2B technology companies. To pick up on one of the

by Meg Bingley The Channel talks about “The Cloud” a lot. A LOT. I have attended Baptie’s Channel Focus Conference for North/Latin America three years running, and The Cloud is always a predominant theme. And of course, it’s no wonder. While it’s clear that traditional resellers are going to be faced with the reinvention of themselves and/or their business models,

CCI was proud to once again sponsor the annual Channel Focus North America and Latin America conference, which took place on April 26-27 in beautiful San Diego. It was the conference’s 15th year –”la Quinceañera” – which in the Latin culture as you may know marks the transition from childhood to young adulthood. It got us thinking about how in

There are several challenges associated with the design and management of a global channel program; among them is assigning the burden of exchange rate fluctuation. For financial managers in companies conducting international business, exchange rate management is a key component of accurate financial reporting. These companies typically roll all financial and transactional data up to a common currency for reporting

Global channel programs…I’ve been in the channel marketing business for over 25 years now and have seen the pendulum swing several times from a decentralized to a centralized structure-often within the same company. Companies migrating to a decentralized structure (providing greater autonomy for global sales regions) are moving the control of program design and implementation strategies to the local level.