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Driving the Right Kind of Business in the Right Way In my last blog post (Are Vendors Recognizing the Value of SMB-Sized Partners?), I noted that it wasn’t that long ago when larger vendors began taking notice of the SMB market. It has taken time since then for these vendors to create the infrastructure they would need to be successful

by Tamra Muir One thing we can all agree on is that certain ‘hunting behaviors’ have their place in the channel and should be appropriately rewarded. A well-designed deal registration program with a system that partners find ‘user-friendly’ can be a valuable tool to properly motivate the hunters in your channel ecosystem and provide tremendous visibility and insight into the

by Meg Bingley Another one of the gazillion thoughts ping-ponging around in my head recently (again, thanks to the Channel Focus presentations at the end of April in San Diego) was about the incentive programs of the future. If the Channel of the future is going to predominantly have a very different business model that it does now (traditional VAR

As you know, effective channel marketing programs are basically a series of “Carrot” and “Stick” value propositions to your channel partners.  And since stick-based motivational methods are not really the best way to influence people who otherwise have a choice; channel programs typically offer a lot of carrots. While marketers many may not think of Deal Registration or MDF programs

The have-to-have program for the first decade of this century may be running out of steam. A survey we recently conducted to capture insights on various channel programs from Vendors and Partners alike revealed that both audiences are dissatisfied with the perceived effectiveness of the deal registration programs they provide (for vendors) or that they participate in (for resellers). The