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Recently I have done several presentations on “today’s” MDF and how, despite the cloud and the new buyer’s journey, the foundational elements to a successful MDF program are still very much intact. I keep waiting for someone to tell me I am crazy. With cloud and digital marketing dominating the landscape how in the world can MDF core principles still

In complete candor, this is neither a knock on vegetarianism or an endorsement, rather an admission to lack of self-awareness until it hits you in the head. Which leads to self-examination and reflection – if I missed this one, where else has “going with the flow” made me susceptible to a lack of self-awareness. Taking my wife and kids out

It’s Time to Expect More A funny thing happened on the way to maximizing the value of our MDF and Incentive Platform. We started to realize that there were a lot of folks with different ideas of what SaaS is, and the benefits that be gained from a SaaS platform. Technically the definition of SaaS is simple: “any software application

by Peter Hornberger It is commonly understood in the high-tech channel that Co-op is a dead term. Yes, there are a few lingering programs around, but the majority of vendors have removed that term from their investment stack — opting instead for MDF (Market Development Funds). But I fear that we threw out too much — specifically the accrual model. Why

Many vendors utilize market development funds (MDF) to give their partners the leg up they need to sell their products. But are vendors getting their money’s worth? We hear from clients all the time that they think MDF is necessary but they’re not really sure of the ROI. Maybe that’s because they’re not using MDF the right way. I’ve talked

Driving the Right Kind of Business in the Right Way In my last blog post (Are Vendors Recognizing the Value of SMB-Sized Partners?), I noted that it wasn’t that long ago when larger vendors began taking notice of the SMB market. It has taken time since then for these vendors to create the infrastructure they would need to be successful

by Chris Becwar In recent years, as the competition for partner engagement has increased, more channel leaders have been realizing that they have not been listening close enough to the real needs of their partners beyond typical margin and channel conflict discussions. Vendors are realizing that if their channel investments don’t focus on shaping their partners pre-sales habits and ‘teaching

Let’s face it, there are many factors involved in creating and maintaining a successful MDF program. But we have pulled out what we believe are the top operational best practices. At CCI, we see every day the direct impact these practices have on partner engagement, satisfaction, and retention within a program. MDF programs are only as effective as the people

How crazy is it to spend money on something you cannot measure, qualify, or defend?  Most would agree that it’s not for the weak of heart, or worse, the gainfully employed. Unfortunately many marketers look at their MDF program this way. A history of less than optimal funds usage, the inability to quantify results, coupled that with the downturn in

by Dale Taormino We talk to organizations daily about their promotional allowance programs (MDF, JMF, co-op, etc). In the past several years we’ve certainly seen a decline in the number of co-op programs in favor of MDF programs; co-op seems to be going out of fashion. Are we seeing the end of co-op? Is this trend a good thing? Before