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by Chris Becwar In case you missed the buzz, I’d like to point out some very interesting channel best practices events worth taking a look at… I’ve mentioned here before that the CCI team are unabashed fans of what PureChannelApps is doing to help leading tech players enable social marketing for their VARs with the SocialOnDemand platform. They’ve got an

by Chris Becwar Unless you’ve been under a rock the last couple of years, it’s clear that sales and marketing is going social in a big way. But with all the promise it holds, the space is still evolving, and ROI is still being proven out. A lot of sales and marketing leaders are taking their lumps from the CEO

While social media had been a great success in B2C, and many say is the next big thing in B2B, it can be a valuable tool in the B2B space now – if used strategically. The problem is that we too often see just the opposite. For many partners, success is frequently hit or miss without a plan in place

by Richard Harris, Senior Manager-Social Media, Seagate While B2C and social media are a perfect fit, if you are in the B2B space for any industry, it’s hard to know where social media can effectively play a role in a relevant, frictionless manner without feeling forced or out of place. In B2C, the nature of social media is about discovering,

by Meg Bingley Marketing used to be about one-to-many communication, as with broadcast media, advertising on the radio, TV, or in magazines.  It was one-to-millions of people and was good for presenting a consistent messages to lots of people. Then marketing evolved into “narrow-casting,” targeting specific types of markets, job titles, etc. This gave rise to online advertising networks like

Social media represents substantial opportunities for companies to directly engage with prospective customers to drive new B2B or B2C sales. Most organizations, whether small or large, are starting to use social media to communicate to, and work more closely with, customers, prospects, partners, analysts, journalists, and other influencers. In the B2B space, a key social media strategy is to provide

Yeah, social media is all the rage in channel marketing these days, but like sex in junior high school, everyone is talking about it, but no one is really doing it. Clearly, social media has its place in today’s marketing mix. That place is defined by your industry in general, and your own social media strategy in specific. So how