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Recently I have spent a lot of time working with Robert Cassard from Voodoo Video Marketing Magic. As I learn more and more about not just the benefits but the strategy of video, I find myself asking why this integral part of digital marketing has not reached a greater level of adoption. Perhaps it is fear? Not just the fear

I recorded a podcast recently with Mike Maturo, pre-sales engineer at Relayware, which since 2007 has emerged as one of the industry’s premier Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform provider. Mike has worked in the enterprise collaboration technology space for 10 years, helping businesses collaborate better both internally and externally. I wanted to get Mike’s take on how PRM provides insight

I had an opportunity recently to do a podcast with Mike Moore of Averetek, a Seattle-based channel-marketing software and services provider. When Mike and I first started talking about what to cover in the podcast, we began with through-partner marketing automation and through-partner marketing agencies (which I think is an incredibly exciting development in our market). But we pretty quickly

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with my friend and colleague Heather K. Margolis, founder and president of Channel Maven Consulting. Earlier in her career, Margolis managed channel programs and channel marketing for tech companies such as Egenera, EMC, EqualLogic, and Dell. Today, she and her team help channel organizations build effective channel enablement programs, market to partners in

I attended the Channel Visionaries Cloud Conference is San Francisco this week. Lots of great speakers and content that covered a wide breath of cloud issues. There was volumes on the buyer’s journey, the value of digital marketing and how to build and implement processes that allow vendors to help their partners catch up to the expectations of today’s buyer’s.

The Next Level of Fear As I pointed out in my previous post (Fear of Technology: It’s an Old Song Part 1), fear of technology can be real. My experience in the early 2000s building a record label showed me everything I needed to know about what not to do with a channel and new technology. In particular, it showed

Guest blog by Michael Coscetta This is the most common question we are asked by customers – and the importance of this question multiplies when a customer is new to the world of enabling their partners with marketing. From a logical standpoint, there is no more efficient way to grow vendor revenue than through partners or affiliates. These partners magnify and

Automating the Joint Business Planning Process Part 3 in a 3-Part Series by Matt Beatty In the second post in this series (The Path to Channel Marketing Automation), I mentioned a couple of ways that joint marketing planners help both partners and vendors create successful campaigns, enabling them to create plans that align with mutually agreed-upon business goals, drive leads

Guest blog by Scott England, VP of Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, Zift Solutions I’ve noticed a consistent pattern within large organizations that sell through third- party sources (resellers, distributors, dealers, etc.) The usual hand wringing over how to get partners to sell more is followed by the same predictable “solutions” to drive results.  “We have a new portal!  A new

by Chris Becwar I’ve mentioned here before that I’m a big fan of the conference that Baptie & Company puts on every year because of its unique approach. For a couple days each year, key folks from some of the largest and most powerful channel organizations in the world take a break from competing with each other and ‘talk shop’