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what-if-blog-imageI was talking with a marketing colleague the other day who is going through a hiring process. We started on “a day in a life” and ended up on “a life in a day” conversation.  Not exactly vuja dé versus déjà vu but definitely trying to look at things from a different perspective. What if there were no barriers or fears? We landed on three things you would do if you had one day to do it, and only settled for the best of what you could accomplish.

  1. Only deal with the best partners — of course this is what everyone wants. Regardless, from what I am hearing it is all about how you measure. Check out someone like Richard Flynn of The Spur Group on his “4 Cs” presentation around Contribution, Commitment, Capability and Coverage. And check out our infographic on the 4Cs of Scorecarding.
  2. Make partners as effective a possible — this is all about enablement. If the whole org is behind “the channel,” it is a lot easier to get the kind of funding for programs that are true investments — not just putting a partner ecosystem together but making it as effective as possible. The challenge is that this takes time, especially with complex sales. And it takes investment in programs that are forward thinking — rewarding for behavior modification versus just sales. This takes risk and commitment. Unfortunately, many wait until their competitors are doing it and miss the opportunity to strike first. A perfect example is the use of a TPMA (through partner marketing automation) portal. Just because you build it, does not mean they will come. The reality is that sometimes you have to reward partners for doing things they should be doing for their own good. Now, this may be much more bearable if you can get good measurement (see next point).
  3. Measure — this should be a no brainer. Spend $20K on a partner’s proposal-based campaign = 100 (independently verified leads) = $1M in pipeline (automatically in CRM). And voila = 50/1 ratio — sweet!

The key is integration. At Dreamforce I sat with PRM and TPMA companies and talked about how great it will be for our customers when we are all integrated together. The good news is that it is happening. The challenge is getting agreement from all the business units and time commitments from IT. However, it’s very much worth the effort.

Well, if all of this can be accomplished in one day then, wow – what a great life in a day. Until then, a day in a life.



Steven Kellam, President at CCI

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As a growth specialist, Steven is responsible for driving CCI’s evolution to expand its offerings and grow across its product suite, utilizing marketing to position the organization for continued, long-term success. He is also responsible for developing the strategic alliances necessary for CCI to achieve its revenue and profit goals, including technical alliances, service partnerships and sales relationships. Steven has experience in both the VAR space, having run a successful managed services IT business, and a background in manufacturing where he built a channel of over 2,000 partners.