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Recently I have spent a lot of time working with Robert Cassard from Voodoo Video Marketing Magic. As I learn more and more about not just the benefits but the strategy of video, I find myself asking why this integral part of digital marketing has not reached a greater level of adoption. Perhaps it is fear? Not just the fear

I had the pleasure recently of doing a podcast with Kimberly King, Vice President of Global Partners and Channels for Progress Software. Progress has been in business for about 35 years and works predominantly with ISVs that embed Progress software. Only in the past few years has it begun working with global systems integrators, VARs, distributors and, most recently, digital

To follow up on my previous blog,  Are You Paying Too Much for International Partner Payments?, I’d like to dive deeper into some of the issues you need be aware of to successfully manage international partner payments. Once you have chosen your payment method, you need to put systems in place that will enable you to stay on top of constantly changing

I had a chance the other day to continue an ongoing conversation with Richard Flynn, a principal at The Spur Group. The conversation centered on the ever-vexing issue of how to find the right partners, measure their value, and motivate them to change behaviors to be more productive. Simple stuff–yes! While everyone agrees on the importance of this challenge, Richard,

As trade continues to expand across the globe, so does the need for vendors to put in place partner-payment methods that are fast and efficient, and that comply with an ever-changing body of international exchange rates, rules, and regulations. Vendors must decide what payment method to use, and how to get help navigating the twists and turns that make payments

I recorded a podcast recently with Mike Maturo, pre-sales engineer at Relayware, which since 2007 has emerged as one of the industry’s premier Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform provider. Mike has worked in the enterprise collaboration technology space for 10 years, helping businesses collaborate better both internally and externally. I wanted to get Mike’s take on how PRM provides insight

I had an opportunity recently to do a podcast with Mike Moore of Averetek, a Seattle-based channel-marketing software and services provider. When Mike and I first started talking about what to cover in the podcast, we began with through-partner marketing automation and through-partner marketing agencies (which I think is an incredibly exciting development in our market). But we pretty quickly

Either Way Channel Visionaries All Over Again I attended the Channel Visionaries “Channel Chief” event in Santa Clara a few weeks ago and in several cases is was déjà vu all over again. The talent that Jeff Shaughnessy continues to draw as speakers to his events are fantastic and the content continues to be relevant and exceptionally well presented. In other ways

We only feel tremors now, but more is on the way I recently had a great conversation with Diane Krakora, founder and CEO of PartnerPath to get her insights on the state of the channel. The reason for this call was to find out more about PartnerPath’s recently released 10th annual State of Partnering survey — 10 Trends for a