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How to Tackle the Mid-Market Managed Service Opportunity Channel Management Insights is a monthly publication with best practices for channel marketing professionals.

by Anna Johnson
The Top 10 Focus Areas- 2011It’s no secret that the channel community is moving rapidly to a managed services provider model (MSP). Partners are anxious to convert from a traditional onetime sales model, to the recurring revenue stream the MSP model provides. But many will struggle along the way. The emergence of the Cloud and SaaS solutions offered through the channel are fuel for the fire, but as Hardware-as-a-Service emerges, hardware vendors are scrambling for a solution. Questions like: Who owns the client? Who is responsible for invoicing? How will post-sales support requirements change with the end-user and the partner within an MSP business model? What’s more, each market segment—enterprise, mid-market, and SMB—share very few traits, making it difficult for vendors to scale their managed service offerings across these segments. However, at least one such vendor seems to have figured it out. Channel Management Insights sat down with Jason Oliver, vice president of Xerox Managed Print Services to discuss the evolution of managed services specifically for the mid-market and how vendors can work with the channel to capitalize on this opportunity.

Pure Channel Apps


Now partners can extend your social media content directly to their customers via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

socialondemand™ , a revolutionary patent-pending* web-based solution from purechannelapps™, allows your partners to select and publish the content you provide directly to their social media accounts. Your content can be posted to end users through your partners’ social media accounts in real-time and without requiring them to manually sign in.  socialondemand makes it extremely easy for partners to select what kind of content they would like to publish on their own selected social media sites. The partner can choose to post your content either automatically or by approval. As a result, your social media reach can be extended exponentially, based on the number of participating partners.

CCI is proud to represent socialondemand in North America.  “Social media is of growing importance for our clients, and the socialondemand solution makes it easy for our clients to extend their social media strategy through their channel network.” says Debra Delaney, CEO at CCI.  “This partnership with purechannelapps is a perfect fit with our mission to help clients improve their channel marketing efforts efficiently and affordably.”
The partnership is designed to capitalize on dramatic growth of social media as an information resource for buyers of business to business products.  Over $3 billion will be spent to advertise on social media sites in 2012, and two-thirds of IT professionals use social media to stay current on topics and resources. By extending social media strategies through their channel partners, marketers can extend the reach of their social marketing by a thousand times or more. In addition, as their channel partners are strapped for resources, these partners are seeking ways to extend their sales and marketing efforts easily and affordably. As such, both CCI and purechannelapps are excited about this partnership as a means to address those needs.

To learn more about socialondemand and how it can extend your social media strategy through your partners, download this flyer or contact CCI.

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