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Recently I attended the Channel Focus North America conference in Hollywood. And like everyone else with busy schedules and deadlines, I often miss taking advantage of the social side of these conferences. Interestingly enough, Rod Baptie has recently started creating a social setting on opening night of the conference, in this case, pool side at the event hotel. Admittedly, my

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with my friend and colleague Heather K. Margolis, founder and president of Channel Maven Consulting. Earlier in her career, Margolis managed channel programs and channel marketing for tech companies such as Egenera, EMC, EqualLogic, and Dell. Today, she and her team help channel organizations build effective channel enablement programs, market to partners in

Many vendors utilize market development funds (MDF) to give their partners the leg up they need to sell their products. But are vendors getting their money’s worth? We hear from clients all the time that they think MDF is necessary but they’re not really sure of the ROI. Maybe that’s because they’re not using MDF the right way. I’ve talked

A statement heard by sales hiring managers forever. In fact, many of us have been trying to either hire or work with “that sales girl/guy” for what seems like our entire lives. Our business success hinges on some superstar cowboy or cowgirl who has all the answers. And since today’s sales rainmaker for both partners and vendors looks so different

I attended the Channel Visionaries Cloud Conference is San Francisco this week. Lots of great speakers and content that covered a wide breath of cloud issues. There was volumes on the buyer’s journey, the value of digital marketing and how to build and implement processes that allow vendors to help their partners catch up to the expectations of today’s buyer’s.

Driving the Right Kind of Business in the Right Way In my last blog post (Are Vendors Recognizing the Value of SMB-Sized Partners?), I noted that it wasn’t that long ago when larger vendors began taking notice of the SMB market. It has taken time since then for these vendors to create the infrastructure they would need to be successful

SMBs Promise Powerful New Revenue Streams: If Large Vendors Know How to Tap Them People have often asked me about the graphic below, which I created about two years ago. At that time, I was interested in finding out what some of the largest tech companies were thinking about in terms of their channel programs. As part of my research,

The Next Level of Fear As I pointed out in my previous post (Fear of Technology: It’s an Old Song Part 1), fear of technology can be real. My experience in the early 2000s building a record label showed me everything I needed to know about what not to do with a channel and new technology. In particular, it showed

CCI recently created a new eBook that describes our Partner Investment Lifecyle, a model that breaks down the typical vendor/partner engagement into nine discrete steps. As we were reviewing the finished contents of the eBook, we were reminded just how much our perspective on incentives has changed over the years. Incentives Are No Longer Just About Sales In the past,