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Guest blog by Norma Watenpaugh For some time we’ve been hearing that “Internet of Things” is coming.  Well it’s here! There are many examples that we probably don’t think much about. Beyond our personal devices: smart phones, watches, Fitbits and all, there are a growing number of consumer appliances and industrial devices now connected into the network. Do you own

I love Amazon. I’ve been a long-time Amazon Prime member – from before Prime included movies, music, photos, etc. I paid for Amazon Prime just to get fast two-day shipping. I used to have a credit card from a major bank that gave me arbitrary points I could redeem for bicycles, toasters, and trips. But what did I wind up

As I look at the schedule of upcoming channel industry events I am suddenly taken back to the late 70s and my favorite band The Clash, belting out “Should I Stay or Should I Go” from their classic album, Combat Rock. (If I have to explain what an album is you may not get the reference immediately, therefore I’ve included

It’s just not January without a few people prognosticating what’s to come in the next year, right? In the spirit of season, I was asked by Channel Marketer Report to share predictions for the channel for 2015. Interesting takes here from a variety of folks in the space, I recommend taking a look. In 2015, Omnichannel and Big Data Will

With the end of the year fast approaching and a new one around the corner, it’s time to take stock of our channel programs and be honest about what needs to change. After 30 years in the trenches with the world’s top channel orgs, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that every company’s approach to the channel needs to evolve on

Guest blog by Scott England, VP of Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, Zift Solutions I’ve noticed a consistent pattern within large organizations that sell through third- party sources (resellers, distributors, dealers, etc.) The usual hand wringing over how to get partners to sell more is followed by the same predictable “solutions” to drive results.  “We have a new portal!  A new

In recent years, as the competition for partner engagement has increased, more channel leaders have been realizing that they have not been listening close enough to the real needs of their partners beyond typical margin and channel conflict discussions. Vendors are realizing that if their channel investments don’t focus on shaping their partners pre-sales habits and ‘teaching them to fish’

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m a big fan of the conference that Baptie & Company puts on every year because of its unique approach. For a couple days each year, key folks from some of the largest and most powerful channel organizations in the world take a break from competing with each other and ‘talk shop’ openly and honestly

Channel program ROI measurement is nothing new; it’s always been something that channel professionals have strived to do. But let’s be honest, it’s never been something that people have been able to do particularly well. Not surprising, given the numerous levels of complexity inherent to the channel. This challenge has led to ROI being seen as an unattainable ‘holy grail.’